Many parents are experiencing at-home work, plus at-home schooling, plus all other at-home life activities, 24/7. It can get intense, right? So, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your children (especially their brains) engaged. Or, maybe you want to find learning resources to enhance the educational resources provided by your kids’ schools?  

Now, more than ever, there are lots of great online resources available to help keep young minds learning, having fun and exploring the world around them, even if it’s just from home.  
More good news? Many organizations of offering free access to their online resources during the school closures. Here are just two of the many sites available for parents (and kids) to check out: – Offers free access to teacher-developed resources for preschool or pre-kindergarten up to, and including, fifth grade. What’s really helpful is that resources sync up to where kids are at in their school year calendar. Guided lessons provide ways for kids to practice key skills. There are also weekly, printable learning packets for all subjects, designed specifically for students working at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. And, there’s even a ‘weekly boost’ with more resources for reviewing and practicing new skills. Their online collection of games, songs and stories also help keep kids learning and practicing.  

NatGeo@Home – Provides more free resources, for kids in kindergarten to 12th grade, all with a National Geographic spin on content. There are quizzes, videos, science experiments, as well as at-home classroom resources to help keep kids learning and exploring from their at-home worlds. Some features include short interactive lessons, hands-on activities to do outside, and engaging activities that you can do together as a family. There’s even an entertainment section for fun and amazing photos and videos, and silly quizzes. It’s time to get exploring! 

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