One of the best ways to prevent weight problems in children is to make exercise and activity a family event. Not only can parents set a good example, but it helps everyone get healthier while bonding and having fun together. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers some tips:

  • Find some free time. Being active together just twice a week can have health and emotional benefits. Try to find some 30-minute time slots and put your activity time on the calendar.
  • Don’t make too many changes at once. To get everyone on board, start gradually and be sure to celebrate each time you make a healthy change.
  • Ask for the kids’ ideas. Ask your kids about where they’d like to walk or bike. Talk to them about sports or activities they want to try.

Remember, any time you make a change toward more activity and less screen time, you’re helping everyone in your family lead a healthier life.

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