If you have a home, you probably spend a good amount of time cleaning it. What if you spent that time not only cleaning your house, but cleaning up your health too?

If you do your chores with a few fitness upgrades, you could burn extra calories and feel great when you’re done. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Turn on the tunes.

 Use upbeat music to get motivated and set it for 30 minutes of play time. Or, set an oven timer for 30 minutes. Then, dance and move around the house as you organize, sweep, wash dishes or put laundry away. Keep your body moving as much as possible but make it fun!

2. Focus on a muscle group while working.

 If you’re vacuuming or mopping floors, you’re already burning some calories. But, take it up a notch by working your muscles even harder during the task. For instance, hold your abdominal core (belly) muscles tight as you do your task. Try holding them for 10 seconds. Then, take a 10-second break. If this becomes too easy, increase the time to 20 seconds.

3. Do squats as you pick up.

 If you’re spending time getting toys, clothes or other items off the floor, use this chore to work your lower body. After you pick up something, do a squat. Keeping your back straight and belly tight, slowly bend your knees and lower your bottom slightly toward the floor. Don’t let your knees reach over your toes. Come back up slowly. If this hurts your knees or back, you should stop.

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be a workout at the gym. You can move your body while doing everyday jobs and multitask for your health!

Sources: Calorie Control Council, Compendium of Physical Activities

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