Are you having a hard time seeing the silver linings related to COVID-19? Looking for ways to stay positive while staying at home nearly 24/7?  Focusing on the positive can go a long way in helping all of us deal with the abundance of negativity associated with the coronavirus. And, staying positive when life is extra stressful also helps build your mental muscle of resiliency.  Here are four ways to spark more positivity in your world, starting today: 

  1. Identify four skills you have learned, in the process of learning, or could learn by living through this pandemic. Maybe it’s how to make bread, how to send a friend request on Facebook, or how to participate in a video chat. Or, perhaps it’s something that you absolutely had to learn, like setting up and having a video appointment with your doctor.   
  2. Do something nice for your neighbor. Maybe it’s something unexpected, like leaving a handmade bouquet of flowers on their doorstep or offering to weed their garden. Helping others is an active form of kindness, which is living positivity. 
  3. Create a positivity musical playlist that instantly makes you smile. You could even invite household members to a pre-dinner positivity dance party in the living room. Moving your body makes happy hormones and boosts your mood. 
  4. Find an inspiring and uplifting story that is awesome and share it with friends and family. Be sure to include why you want to share it with others. Invite others to do the same. 

As you complete each one of these experiences, take a moment to stay with that positive feeling it creates in your mind. Hold on to the joy it brings before you move on to the ‘next thing’ in your day. This will help train your brain to foster a more positive outlook as you live through stressful times in your live. 

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