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HealthyLife® Live 

Live virtual lunch and learns delivered just for your group by one of our health experts.  

Each session includes:  

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  • Webinar recording
  • Participation report
Available Topics 

Attending to Your Attention
Are you paying attention? This presentation is all about managing your attention and learning to direct it in ways that you want. Participants will learn tools for avoiding unwanted distractions and energy zappers, re-focusing after an interruption, and intentional use of technology. Come away feeling more productive and in control of how you spend your time.

Workday Movement
Whether you sit, stand, or spend much of your day in just a few positions, musculoskeletal imbalances from poor posture, sedentary time and repetitive movements can lead to discomfort, pain, and other issues. This interactive presentation will teach participants how to incorporate simple movements into their day that improve physical health, reduce back pain, enhance productivity, and help shake that stale feeling.

Natural Connections
Connecting to the natural world doesn’t always come “naturally”, especially in urban and suburban environments. This presentation will highlight the benefits of experiences in the natural world, how to integrate natural connections into your lifestyle (regardless of where you live), and fun ways to be physically active.

Healthy Meal Prep
A key part of having a healthy diet is preparing and eating more meals at home. But many struggle to find enough time or to know what to make. This interactive and engaging presentation lays out an easy 4-step plan to get participants started or improve skills in preparing more healthy meals at home.

Sleep Better
A good night’s sleep helps the body and mind heal, repair, and rejuvenate daily. Yet, up to 60% of adults don’t get enough sleep. Finding ways to get better sleep is a win-win for organizations and team members—enjoy increased productivity, reduced health risks, and a greater feeling of well-being. Participants will come away with real-life strategies for improving their sleep.

Rethink Your Drink
Explore benefits of different beverages and how to choose options that support your health more often. We’ll talk about developing healthy dietary patterns over time and how you can balance what your body needs with preference, convenience, and other factors. Come away from this interactive presentation with a greater appreciation for the ways beverages support well-being and the broad array of delicious, healthier-for-you options.

Mindful Meditation
It’s easy to go through life on autopilot, not fully aware of what we are experiencing in the present. Mindful meditation is a powerful tool to improve psychological balance and enhance overall health and well-being. It may also reduce or manage depression and anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. This mindfully aware presentation will equip participants with tools for slowing down and tapping into the present moment.

Pre-Diabetes, A Cue to Action
Progression to full-blown type 2 diabetes isn’t inevitable. It’s possible to bring your blood sugar level back to normal, and reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, with lifestyle changes and sometimes medication. With prediabetes, there are simple steps you can take to help make this happen. Participants will learn actionable steps for adapting food choices and increasing movement and physical activity patterns.

Stress Busters
Stress can help you be more aware or get something done, but staying in a stress state for too long can hurt the body physically and mentally. In this presentation, participants will dig deeper and better understand their stress, building a personal toolkit as they go. Participants will come away with powerful strategies to respond to their stressors in healthy ways.

Eat This More, Eat This Less
What we choose to eat is more complicated than just labeling a food good or bad. While some foods offer important health benefits, all foods can have a seat at the table. This highly interactive, trivia-style presentation will have participants taking steps toward making more balanced food choices.

Power Meals
While no one food is a nutritional magic bullet, there are some foods that are absolutely packed with nutrients. When included in meals, these “superfoods” can provide energy and disease-fighting and immune-strengthening building blocks for the body to use. This nutrient-rich presentation will help participants learn how to power up their meals and snacks for better daily self-care and long-term wellness.

Healthy Aging
Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age. As we grow older, we experience an increasing number of life changes as well as physical changes. This presentation will encourage a positive approach and perspective on aging, connection to purpose, and ways to take care of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Participants will come away feeling empowered to live life to the fullest, whatever their age.

Sugar Busters
Sweet treats can have a place at the table, but there are good reasons to tame your sweet tooth and reduce added sugars. Eating nutritious foods throughout the day helps keep us fueled, focused, and productive. This engaging presentation offers participants ways to strike a balance between enjoying favorite foods and beverages while taking care of their physical health.

A Lifestyle, Not a Diet
Learn ways to develop a sustainable lifestyle that supports a healthy weight. Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight, this presentation will cover ways to design an environment for yourself that makes healthy choices the easy choices. We’ll focus on practical ways to overcome common challenges and feel more comfortable with long-term healthy habits.

Restore and Relax
Yoga has something to offer everyone and can be modified to meet different needs and preferences, supporting a more balanced and peaceful state of mind and body. With respect for this ancient tradition, this presentation will highlight the core features of yoga, what to expect in a yoga class, and offer participants tips for building a yoga practice that nurtures their health and well-being.

Happy, Healthy Heart
Take heart—from taking a daily walk to prioritizing sleep, there are many positive choices to make every day to build a heart healthy lifestyle and lower risks for heart disease. This whole-hearted presentation will guide participants toward actions for building their own heart healthy habits, working to protect and strengthen their heart.

The Weight is Over
Having a healthy weight is one key way to promote good health and reduce risk for many chronic conditions. This presentation will give participants a road map for getting started on their weight loss journey, with tools to make their goals and intentions a reality and break through common weight loss challenges.

AIPM Partner Network
Presenter: MJ Shaar 

Five Strategies for Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture
In this post-pandemic era, stress, loneliness and depression are so prevalent that they affect just about everyone— either directly or indirectly. To address this issue, we all have to exercise the leadership that’s within reach, and foster a culture of positivity in and around our work units. In this presentation, you will get to experience how much better we perform when we feel positive. You will then discover five research-based strategies to boost your own positivity, and then radiate it onto those around you.

Build Healthy Habits that Stick! 
Most of us realize that our sleep, food, mood and exercise habits are related. Yet, we rarely think about how to leverage these interactions, and use them to our advantage. Thanks to the biochemical activity that they generate in the body, improving our habits in any one of these four categories will make change in other areas easier. So why stay stuck with poor food habits if that’s what’s most difficult for you to change when progress in sleep, mood or exercise can have a beneficial impact on your food intake? This session introduces a strength-based approach to habit improvement that will help you identify where you feel most empowered, build on initial victories, and harmoniously upgrade your sleep, food, mood and exercise habits. With this lifestyle management approach, your health goals will be within reach!

Restoring Balance: Getting Back on a Path to Well-Being
In a world where performance is always a top priority, we sometimes sacrifice good habits. Doing so undermines not only our health and our quality of life, but also the very goals we are after and the legacy we leave behind. Find out what are the easiest ways to rebuild your energy, your positivity and your stability so you can get back in control and reap the rewards of a well-lived life.

You’re Already There: From Making it Work to Feeding Your Soul
Finding new pragmatic approaches to an evolving workplace is essential for restoring us to our personal optimal zone, perhaps for the first time. You’re Already There empowers you to reimagine your work in ways that develop quality connections and core competencies, challenges you to discover meaning in hidden places, and harnesses key positive psychology innovations to design a work style that builds rather than drains your energy.

Handle with Care
The pandemic has left us feeling more disconnected than ever. It’s time to re-energize our relationships, with the mindfulness that our colleagues are facing new challenges and changes, too. But if we handle each other with care, we can find new layers to our relationships and more joy at work, all while the organization reaps valuable competitive advantages.

Becoming Magnetic: 5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Social Capital
Loneliness. It hurts our emotions, our self-perception, our performance and our physiology. But it’s become so rampant that we often dismiss it as a normal part of a busy life. But is it? Join us for an interactive session in which I will blend research, anecdotes and highly applicable strategies to help you renew and expand your ability to connect with those around you, lift your mood and shine bright! And I promise: you won’t need to start a book club or join a soccer team to benefit. And no esoteric mantras either!

Presenter: Dayna Gowan

Please note: These are highly interactive workshops, meaning no multi-tasking allowed. Participants will be asked to join breakout rooms and participate in the activities. Everyone will have a chance to contribute. However, participants always have the option to just watch and listen if requested.

Guided Improvisation for Laughter, Fun & Creativity
Want to laugh and have fun on Zoom? YES PLEASE! Zoom Fatigue is a real thing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! In this dynamic and interactive session, we will play multiple icebreaker and improv games to get participants thinking quickly and flexing their creativity muscles!
Try something fun and new and boost your creativity at the same time! Fun is guaranteed with this special workshop event!

Let go of Perfection: Kick Start Your Well-Being with Improv
We know the importance of self-care and have the best of intentions to take better care of ourselves, but life and our endless to-do lists often get in the way. Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to find the perfect self-care routine and plan that we forget to actually do the self-care activities. Let’s stop over-thinking self-care and start practicing it now! In this interactive workshop, we will use the tools of improvisation to help us shift our mindset, let go of perfection, and embrace creativity.

Applied Improv Training for Better Communication and Collaboration
Applied Improvisation uses the tools and techniques of improvisation that you see in comedy and theater and applies these skills to the workplace and our personal lives. During this interactive session, attendees will participate in engaging improvisation exercises to learn how to improve and enhance their communication and collaboration skills. Participants will work together as a group and challenge themselves to communicate quickly and effortlessly.

Presenter: Peter Frampton

Let’s Talk About Money
Research tells us that one of the most helpful actions you can take to impact your finances is to talk about them. But many of us haven’t been given the correct financial tools and language to do that clearly.

This uplifting workshop will give you a profound and usable framework to think and talk about your finances. It will clear up confusion you’ve experienced in the past. You’ll immediately feel supported, encouraged, and empowered around your personal finances.

Presenter: Karianne Michelle 

Self-Care for Managers
To hold space for others, it is essential to have the right tools to effectively manage and hold space for yourself. Attendees will reflect on their leadership goals, explore the audience that can support them, actualize an action plan to make their goal a reality and prepare talking points that enable them to confidently make it happen. This repeatable method will help participants hold space for themselves while providing a process to offer this type of reflection to those they lead.

Mindful Goal Setting
Research shows we are more likely to achieve a goal when we write it down. Starting with a short self-reflection exercise using guided meditation and a journal, participants will focus on setting a goal within a set time. The session will explore why the goal is important and what actions are required to make the goal a reality including prioritizing the first steps, timing, and resources to ensure success.

Create a Self-care Plan that Sticks
Self-care is more than bubble baths and massage; it is uniquely individual to the needs of the person. This session will explore practical ways to build a personalized step-by-step plan to maintain a clear head space every day. Participants will begin by outlining what self-care means to them and a set of techniques and tools, including a self- care mantra, to practice daily self-care will be shared for inspiration. Attendees will leave the session with an action plan of small, daily practices for their unique self-care progress.

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Improved Well-being
Creating healthy boundaries is a crucial component of self-care. Benefits include helping people make decisions based on what is best for them, not just the people around them, leading to improved mental health, increased confidence, and better time management. Learn how to set a boundary clearly, calmly, firmly, respectfully, and in as few words as possible. This session will explore a repeatable four-step process that can be practiced with confidence helping participants avoid burnout and create emotional well-being.

Sound Bath Meditation
Sound healing is a powerful tool to help move stuck energy and ease into a meditative state. The human anatomy is made up of over 50% liquid, the unique combination of the right sound frequencies and vibrations allows the entire body and mind to access a deeper level of balance. This mindful session allows participants to step away from their work for a practice dedicated to well-being. A short overview including the 101 of sound healing, physical and mental benefits, and properties of the instruments will kick off the session followed by a guided meditation and crystal bowl sound bath. Participants will dissolve tension and find calm and relaxation. No prior experience is needed, simply listen, welcoming rest and well-being.