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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness – Benefits Organizations

Corporations, membership associations and government entities have all recognized that improving employee wellness through a strong, proven program can deliver a superior return on investment (ROI). Independent studies show that ROIs on programs related to employee wellness to be as high as 17:1. Evidence also indicates a direct correlation between employee wellness and improvements in productivity, attendance, and morale. AIPM has been very successful in helping to build the business case for implementing an employee wellness initiative and welcomes the opportunity to participate in both the planning and execution of your employee wellness program.

Employee Wellness – Benefits Individuals

Advancements in health education and self care resources have demonstrated a consistent reduction in employee/member healthcare costs as a direct result of higher levels of employee wellness. Over twenty independent studies have documented an annual savings of $72.16 per individual. AIPM also has received many testimonials from both organizations and individuals describing how employee wellness activities improved their lifestyles, enhanced their health, and in more than one instance, saved their life.

Employee Wellness - Benefit’s Delivered

Making employee wellness a priority can pay both immediate and long-term dividends as well as make sound financial sense. AIPM provides the resources and materials necessary to plan and execute an effective employee wellness strategy. From its best selling self care guide “Healthier at Home” (over 8 million copies in homes), to regular wellness newsletters, calendars, lifestyle enhancement plans and wellness information, AIPM can be your single source for a best practice wellness program.

Whether choosing one of the many AIPM self care guides, or utilizing a comprehensive program such as Total Health, numerous studies have shown that clients have improved employee wellness, and reduced healthcare costs accordingly. AIPM also offers numerous additional products in different formats for improving employee wellness, such as DVDs, CDs, animated emails, online content, toll-free phone health counseling, and many more.

Employee Wellness

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