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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs What Can They Do For You?

The benefits of utilizing corporate wellness programs can include employee wellness, a consistent workforce, cost savings, and a host of other factors. Many large and small corporations have already learned what corporate wellness programs mean to their organization. Our employee, self care programs have proven to reduce emergency room visits, lower doctor office visits, empower employees, reduce absenteeism, and do it all at a reduced cost.

Coporate Wellness ProgramsPrimarily, good corporate wellness programs have the main benefits of ensuring healthy employees, reduced sick time, and facilitating a dependable workforce.

Corporate wellness programs, for many years, have proven to reduce health care costs. Many corporations have looked to the Hewitt studies on wellness programs and ROI for some guidance. While national health care costs rose at a rate of about 9% in 2009 (Hewitt Associates, 2009), companies such as Motorola, who provided a comprehensive corporate wellness program, saw a modest increase in health care costs of only 2.4%.

Much research has been done on the corporate wellness program average cost and results have been very positive. In many cases, the current trends in corporate wellness programming have directly impacted the ROI of corporate wellness programs.

While most corporate wellness programs average a 3 to 1 Return On Investment (ROI), documented cases of a ROI as high as 15 times investment have been seen. The number of our clients that have enjoyed a healthy ROI from our corporate wellness programs is quite remarkable.

When corporations calculate the ROI numbers on corporate wellness programs, they are quite often surprised at the return the corporation is receiving on the dollars invested in corporate wellness activities.

Additional benefits include:

Increased employee time on the job
Improved quality of care
Increased employee satisfaction
Reduced usage of outpatient/emergency resources
Improved, healthier lifestyles
Increased employee productivity

Corporate Wellness Programs How Do You Pick The Right One?

Corporate Health and Wellness ProgramsCorporate wellness programs are offered by quite a few companies. Picking the right one for your company is a big decision and justifies a fair amount of analysis. When the research is done, the decision for which corporate wellness program to choose gets down to a limited number of important characteristics that are indicative of all strong, and professionally run corporate wellness programs. The aspects of the best corporate wellness programs can be summarized as follows:

A proven track record of happy corporate clients
End customer satisfaction ratings that are superior
A long, stable history of providing exceptional customer service
Product and services are current, addressing changing trends in health care
Training capabilities are sufficient to meet your needs
Documented case studies of significant cost savings for clients
A variety of well-designed products to meet every need
Broad accessibility, and easy to do business with
Products meet your needs and are delivered timely

We can walk you through every aspect of our program and help you make the best decision for your company.

Contact us to see how our corporate wellness programs can work for you!


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