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Health Promotion Information
The American Institute for Preventive Medicine has put together some important Health Promotion Information that will allow employers to make educated decisions when it comes to their Health Promotion programs.

Be smart about your Health Promotion choices. Take a few moments and read this important information on Health Promotion programs.

Characteristics of Successful Wellness Programs
by Don R. Powell, Ph.D.
American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Wellness programs have proved to be an effective tool to use in reining in health care costs. This author describes successful wellness programs and shows that these programs not only improve the bottom line for employers or Taft-Hartley funds, but they also help employees feel better about themselves and more positive about the organization they work for.

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Health Promotion Related Products

Total Health Program

Improve your employees' and their families' health and your bottom line with a complete, proven year-long wellness program that can be less than $2.35 pmpm.

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HealthyLifeŽ Self-Care Program

The HealthyLifeŽ Self-Care Program consists of a number of components that effectively help employees/members make better health care decisions. Research in 18 independent studies on the self-care guide alone has demonstrated an average savings of $71.42 per employee in 9 months due to reduced doctor and emergency room visits.

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