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Health Coaching
Our HealthyLife® Coaching combines two approaches to achieve greater outcomes. Our coaches are trained in both motivational interviewing techniques and a more traditional behavior change model to maximize results. HealthyLife® coaches engage participants with Motivational Interviewing, and once a desired behavior change has been identified, they incorporate the proven behavior modification techniques found in our lifestyle change programs. 

By asking the right questions, at the right time and in the right manner, our coaches are able to engage a high percentage of participants. By following that with their behavior modification training, they achieve desirable population-based outcomes. Participants are also able to contact their coach as often as they like.

The programs below can be offered with or without telephonic coaching.

Tobacco Cessation 

HealthyLife Improvement

smoking cessation program health improvement
Despite the education available, tobacco use continues to be a major public health and workplace issue. The bottom line is quitting isn’t easy, and we understand that. The Smokeless® program has been helping people quit tobacco, and stay quit, for over 30 years. Learn more here. Every individual may not have a specific risk factor such as tobacco use or obesity, but most employees can still learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. The HealthyLife® Improvement Program recognizes this and guides participants to overall health enhancement. Guided by the Transtheoretical model of behavior change and motivational interviewing, our coaches are able to help participants help themselves to make small, yet impactful lifestyle changes.

Weight loss / Nutrition

weight loss program weight loss program
Millions of Americans are overweight or obese. Although the problem is similar across populations, the ways in which the HealthyLife® Weigh and DIET FREE Programs help individuals lose weight are like no other. Definitely not a diet plan, each program teaches behavior change and lifestyle strategies to ensure a healthier lifestyle for not only the individual but their entire family. Learn more here.

Stress Management 

Sleep Enhancement

stress management program sleep enhancement
What if there was a proven, cost effective way to help employees manage their stress? What if that solution came from one of the most trusted names in Wellness? Systematic Stress Management™ from AIPM allows you to reduce your own level of stress by helping your employees manage theirs. Just imagine the increased productivity and reduced absenteeism from a less stressed workforce. Improve productivity and reduce the risk of accidents and on-the-job errors with our innovative program to promote healthy sleep habits. HealthyLife SleepWell® provides an informational booklet and two audio programs.

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