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We are pleased to announce our newest product - CareCards.† These credit card sized quadrafolds are housed in a vinyl sleeve and fit in a wallet or purse to provide handy information.

Presently there are 2 CareCardsTM in the series with more to come

Medication & Medical ID CareCardTM (Click here for PDF)

Enables you to list all the prescription and OTC medications you are taking along with important medical information.† Also lists questions to ask when a prescription is being written.† Great in case of an emergency or to take to a doctor's appointment.

Doctor Q & A CareCardTM (Click here for PDF)

Patients usually have questions, but ask them less than 10% of the time.† Those who write them down both give and receive better information.† Get the most out of your doctor's visits with this key questions checklist.† Also helps you describe your symptoms as 70% of correct diagnosis depends on what you say.

Custom CareCardsTM - Tell us the topic and we'll design a CareCardTM for you.

HealthyLife Medical Self-Care Program

The HealthyLife Self-Care Program consists of a number of components that effectively help employees/members make better health care decisions. Research in 18 independent studies on the self-care guide alone has demonstrated an average savings of $71.42 per employee in 9 months due to reduced doctor and emergency room visits.

Since your employees access health information in different ways, the HealthyLife Self-Care Program consists of print, telephonic, and online information. It includes:

  • Welcome Packet- The packet consists of a welcome letter, refrigerator magnets, wallet card, and audio topics.
  • Healthier at Home Self-Care Guide- This 416 page book has set the standard for all self-care publications. Presented in an easy to read, step by step format, it provides up-to-date information on over 300 health topics. It instantly turns your bookshelf into a health information center. It is in full color with over 320 illustrations and photos.
  • Nurse Advice Line- Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the telephonic nurse advice line provides a unique system to effectively route the caller to needed health information. Experienced registered nurses utilize an assessment system that accurately identifies needs and level of urgency for callers seeking medical care or information. Also includes an audio health library of over 400 topics and English and Spanish.
  • Online Healthier at Home- It contains all of the health topics along with wellness and wise consumer information from Healthier at Home.
  • Ongoing Communications- To continually reinforce use of the HealthyLife Self-Care Program, we provide a postcard and full color newsletters. They are designed to continually publicize the HealthyLife Self-Care Program to your employees thereby increasing their use of the program and reducing our organization's health care costs.
  • Online Healthier at Home Workshop- Teaches recipients how to get the most benefit from the Healthier at Home self-care guide.
  • Website- Your employees/members receive easy access to the MedLine Plus Website. It contains thousands of articles on diseases, wellness, surgery, and specific age groups. There is also a drug and supplement database, medical dictionary, health encyclopedia, informative graphics, and interactive videos. The website is available in Spanish.
  • Program Evaluation- Quarterly reports demonstrate employee/member use of the nurse advice line, reasons for calls, and triage diversion savings. An annual report evaluates the Healthier at Home Self-Care Guide and its Return on Investment (ROI).

Picture of Health Magnets

Magnets are an excellent way to get your wellness message to "stick." Each Picture of Health Magnet consists of 3 magnets (2 peel off) in 1 leaving space to frame pictures of loved ones. People are more likely to place Picture of Health Magnets in prominent locations because they serve 2 purposes: 1) provide valuable health information that will be viewed day after day, and 2) provides a spot to showcase photos.
Click here to see a sample


In 2006, companies paid $8,343 per employee for health care costs. In 2007, this figure is expected to increase by 9%. In addition, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 25% of adults report problems paying for their own or a family memberís medical bills.

To help employees become wiser consumers and decrease their financial burden, HealthySavings has been published. It enables employees to take an important step in reducing their familyís health care costs. The passport size booklet presents 101 tips that can save hundreds of dollars in one year alone on doctor visits, tests, medications, surgery, hospital services, eye care, dental care, and much more.
Click here for PDF of HealthySavings

Daily Dose of Health Calendar

A unique wellness desk calendar that's timely every day, every year.

Each day of the Daily Dose of Health Desk Calendar addresses a national health observance and what action you can take related to the topic. Its attractive design and content educates, motivates, and changes behavior each and every day for year round good health.

Best of all, the Daily Dose of Health Desk Calendar can be used again and again, year after year - always there to help your employees/members improve their health and save you money.

Because it's a perpetual calendar that can be used over and over, Daily Dose of Health saves you from having to buy a new calendar each year and it has great value no matter what time of the year it's distributed - whether it's January 1st or October 5th.

Click here to view a PDF of the calendar.

Note - The Daily Dose of Health Desk Calendar can also be purchased as a "date specific" 2007 calendar in quantities of 2,500 or more. (call for pricing)

An electronic version of the Daily Dose of Health Desk Calendar is available as well.

The Daily Dose of Health Desk Calendar is ideal for:

  • Incentives
  • Gifts
  • Health fairs
  • Employee giveaways
  • Wellness programs
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Community Events
  • Fund raising
Click here to purchase

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