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21 Criteria
A Checklist for Selecting a Pre-Packaged Wellness Program
Don R. Powell, Ph.D.

The Vendor:

1. Vendor Background

  • Vendor has been in business for at least five years
  • Vendor has a good reputation in the field
  • Vendor has enough staff to service your account
  • Vendor can provide at least five references
2. Ongoing Consultation and Support

  • An ongoing vendor liaison is identified
  • Vendor has a toll-free number
  • Vendor provides periodic written communication
  • Vendor's staff is available to receive your phone calls
3. Your Organization's Unique Needs

  • Vendor can conduct classes at remote sites
  • Vendor is willing to conduct classes for as few as 10 participants
  • Vendor can meet class time and frequency requirements
4. Delivery of Materials

  • Vendor turnaround time for shipping materials is three weeks or less
5. Other Services Offered

  • Vendor provides a variety of health promotion programs
6. Geographic Exclusivity

  • Vendor provides at least a five-mile radius of exclusivity
7. National Provider

  • Vendor can conduct classes at corporate locations throughout the United States
  • Vendor provides hospitals with corporate clients

The Program:

8. Program Content

  • The program presents a multiple-treatment behavior modification approach
  • The program provides educational information
  • The program contains built-in motivational tools
  • The program is entertaining
  • The program has a strong maintenance component
9. Program Structure

  • The program uses a variety of presentation activities including lectures, group discussion and experiential exercises
  • The program uses audiovisual aids
10. Materials and Packaging

  • The participant materials are attractive and well-packaged
  • The materials contain illustrations and a good deal of white space
  • Materials are written at a reading level appropriate for our target population
  • Materials are convenient for participants to carry
  • Participant materials include a variety of accessories, including audiotapes, summary cards, diplomas, etc.
  • Materials can be customized with our organization's name and logo
11. Program Improvements

  • The program is updated periodically
  • We have the ability to make program improvements
12. Previous Experience With Specific Population Groups

  • The program has been used previously within our industry
  • The program has been used within the geographic regions where our sites are located
13. Success Rates

  • Vendor has provided current, well-documented success data
  • The success data was gathered at least 6 to 12 months post treatment
  • The research was conducted by an independent organization
  • The research was published in a peer review journal
14. Program Fees

  • The per-participant fees are reasonable in relation to program's quality
  • The training fees are reasonable
  • The minimum quantity purchases are reasonable
  • The shipping and handling charges are reasonable
  • Vendor will provide free retraining for replacement instructors
15. Instructor Requirements

  • Vendor's instructors have the appropriate background
  • I have heard the instructor present the program at another organization
  • The instructors that we are training have the appropriate qualifications
16. Marketing and Sales Support

  • A complete array of marketing materials is provided
  • Vendor provides ongoing marketing consultation and support
17. Program Delivery Options

  • The program is available in a group format
  • The program is available in a one-on-one format
  • The program is available in a self-help format
  • We have the necessary audio-visual equipment to conduct the program
18. Room and Equipment Requirements

  • We have the necessary space to accommodate the program

The Training:

19. Training Workshop

  • The length of the training is reasonable and appropriate
  • The trainer's qualifications are adequate
  • A self-training format is available
  • Vendor is willing to train at our location
  • Instructors receive continuing education credits for attending the training
20. Training Materials

  • The training manual contains actual transcripts and content outlines of the class sessions
  • Commonly asked questions are included in the training manual
21. Quality Control of Instructors

  • Vendor provides ongoing evaluation of instructors
Written by Don R. Powell, Ph.D., President
American Institute for Preventive Medicine


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