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Message from our CEO
Raising the Bar on Health and Productivity Management

Don R. Powell, Ph.D. In all fields of endeavor, we need to evaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. The field of health promotion is no exception. When I first became involved with wellness over 35 years ago, the focus was on conducting group classes to help employees/members quit smoking, lose weight, manage stress, and exercise more frequently.

Our goal in the 21st century is to empower consumers to make wiser health care decisions and live a healthier lifestyle. Behavior change programs are now available in self-help, telephonic, and online formats, freeing people from the need to attend group classes in our “time deprived society.” Self-care guides, wise consumer products, health coaching, disease management programs, and nurse advice lines are widely used – all designed to help people improve their health and well-being.

We at the American Institute for Preventive Medicine take pride in continuing to raise the bar on the quality of our products and services – all of which define our field today. They have been carefully developed to educate, motivate, and change behavior.

We offer the most extensive series of medical self-care guides of any publisher and Healthier at Home® has set the standard by which all self-care publications are judged. Our lifestyle change programs are available in a variety of formats. Our Personal Health Assessment (HRA), Permafolds®, HealthTrackers™, CareKits®, Get Well Cards®, Perpet-U-Well™ calendars, and HealthyLife® e-Letters are ideal health education products for health fairs, employee giveaways, lunch and learns, direct mail campaigns, information racks, and incentives. We also provide an online self-care and wellness library to enhance an organization’s website.

We have also developed a complete, low cost, year long program called Total Health™ for organizations that want to start a wellness program, but don’t know where to begin.

The 21st century also demands provider accountability to demonstrate the effectiveness of their health management interventions. The content for our products is grounded in sound medical research. In 18 consecutive studies, our self-care guides have demonstrated an average savings of $71.42 per employee in 9 months due to reduced doctor and emergency room visits. Our Smokeless® program has been commended in 2 Surgeon General’s Reports due to its effectiveness.

I am confident our work will enhance the well-being of your employees/members/patients while reducing health care costs, lowering absenteeism, increasing productivity, and enhancing your organization’s stature and visibility.

Yours in good health,

Don R. Powell, Ph.D.
President and CEO


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