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The American Institute for Preventive Medicine (AIPM), since 1983, has been providing the highest quality health information through innovative and motivating wellness programs and publications. We know that medical decisions made by an informed consumer are more likely to be correct and we strive to provide well researched, regularly updated self-care guides and lifestyle change programs to help you make important health decisions and behavior changes.

Whether its for yourself, your family or a friend, we can help you in so many ways. Your goal may be to quit smoking, lose weight or to learn how to make wiser decisions when faced with a medical issue we will guide you through the process.

Many people also turn to us when looking for information for an event at a school or a place of worship. Let us supply you with accurate, attractive, easy to use products that will make a lasting impression and have a positive health impact.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help.
Healthier at Home Men's Manual
Health at Home Children's Self-Care Guide
Health at Home Lifetime Students' Self-Care Guide
A Year of Health Hints HealthyLife Weigh
Women's Self-Care Guide Smokeless
Systematic Stress Management

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