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Employee Health Coaching

Employee Health Coaching

When a company is considering employee health coaching as part of their wellness program there are a number of factors to consider:

1)      What type of employee health coaching program do we need?

Is this going to be a health coaching program as a follow up to a health risk assessment?  By where health coaches are reaching out to a segment of your population deemed to be “high risk?”  If that is the case you will want to make sure that you are on the same page as your provider of employee health coaching in terms of what constitutes “high risk” and what percentage of your population will be engaged in the program.  The danger in this approach is that engaging only “high risk” participants comes at the cost of ignoring “low risk” employees who may also benefit from employee health coaching.  Low risk employees are the champions of your wellness program.  You want to do everything in your power to keep them low risk.

2)      How to integrate our Employee Health Coaching program?

One thing you will want to avoid is confusion for employees.  You don’t want them to have to speak with different health coaches for different things at different points throughout the program.  Choose one health coaching company who can take care of all of your health coaching needs.  A good employee health coaching company should be able to provide you with options so that you can provide the services necessary for your population.

3)      In addition to high risk health coaching, what else should we offer?

High risk is usually where companies look to start, however, there are many other types of employee health coaching that companies should offer.  Health coaching for lifestyle behaviors are also essential components of a good wellness program strategy.  Tobacco cessation, weight loss / nutrition, stress management, fitness, and sleep enhancement are all areas that a health coach can help with.


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