Weight Loss & Nutrition

HealthyLife® Weigh

A Self-Compassionate Approach to Weight Goals

HealthyLife® Weigh takes a body-positive approach to helping participants achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The Program Guide is easy-to-follow and includes prompts throughout for self-discovery and reflection. The program enables participants to build a solid foundation first, connecting to their values and broader sense of purpose. This foundation is strengthened throughout the program by helping participants connect their actions with other life goals, with their relationships with family and friends, and with their role in the community.

HealthyLife® Weigh Includes:

• USDA’s MyPlate standards
• Most up-to-date nutrition education
• Balanced eating plans for different weight goals
• Guidance to choose foods and portions that meet goals, tastes, and lifestyle
• Positive reinforcement
• Self-esteem enhancement
• Record keeping
• Empowerment to make healthy choices
• Assertiveness training
• Fitness and exercise education
• Environmental support

Sample Topics Explored in HealthyLife® Weigh

Personal Values, Motivation, & Knowledge
• Identifying personal values
• Developing internal motivation
• Practicing self-compassion
• Moving through the stages of change
• Setting healthy goals
• Making nutrient dense food choices
• Creative, convenient ways to prepare foods
• Reducing consumption of less healthy foods
• Navigating sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Meal planning & time management
• Modifying meals & snacks
• Confident grocery shopping
• Making healthy choices on the go
• Fun ways to move more during the day
• Setting fitness goals
• Bouncing back from overeating
• Overcoming plateaus
• Tips for special diets (e.g. vegetarian, Paleo)

Mental, Physical & Social
• Ways to make healthy choices easier
• Building support at home and at work
• Using social media in positive ways
• Assertive communication
• Leveraging affirmations & positive self-talk
• Rational thinking
• Tackling limitations
• Taking responsibility for change
• Forming long-lasting habits
• Healthy body image & relationship with eating and exercise
• Managing emotional eating triggers
• Mindfulness
• Physical relaxation strategies
• Addressing insecurity
• Connecting with your community
• Persistence

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