Comprehensive Wellbeing Program


A comprehensive, cost-effective, wellness solution.

The TotalHealth® Program is designed for organizations that are serious about improving the health of their population. It is unique in its ability to engage both low risk and high risk participants in one results-based, best-practice program.

Improve the health of your employees and their families while reducing costs with a complete, proven year-long wellness program that can be less than $1.39 pepm.

Research has shown Total Health™ can:
• Reduce health care costs
• Lower absenteeism
• Increase productivity
• Reduce workers compensation claims
• Improve employee morale

Total Health consists of 7 key areas that should be included in your effort to create a culture of health. It’s the CALMEr2 approach:

• Program Launch Materials
• Newsletters
• Calendars
• Posters
• Emails

• Biometric Screening or Physician Forms
• Health Risk Assessment

Lifestyle Enhancement
• Personalized Health Coaching
• Tobacco Cessation, Weight Loss / Nutrition, Stress Management, Healthy Sleep
• Disease Management
• Online Portal and Challenges

Medical Self-Care
• Self Care Guides
• Nurse Advice Line

• Health Hub & Library
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Kits
• Videos

Rewards & Reporting
• Incentive Management
• Gifts & Prizes
• Direct Mail Fulfillment
• One-click, Real Time Reports
• Custom Reports

TotalHealth® for Large and Small Companies
TotalHealth® for Brokers
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