Stress Management

Systematic Stress Management™

The Proven Way to Relax and Increase Productivity

Reduce your own level of stress by helping your employees manage theirs. Just imagine the increased productivity and reduced absenteeism from a less stressed workforce. Using the proven methodology found in our other health coaching programs, Systematic Stress Management™ allows employees to regain control of their lives and finally, learn to live with a healthy amount of stress.

Systematic Stress Management™ teaches individuals to cope more effectively with stress in their lives. The information and techniques are presented systematically so that individuals are able to prevent and minimize all types of stress. The program is effective, easy-to-learn, and can be readily utilized in a person’s normal living and working environment.

Participants will learn to stop negative thinking, regain control of their time, and work more effectively with others.

Program Topic Areas

I. Understanding Stress
1. Eustress and distress
2. General Adaptation Syndrome
3. Stress and productivity
4. Symptoms and diseases associated with stress
5. Stress and change
6. Identifying stressful situations and triggers

II. Biofeedback and Relaxation Techniques
1. Mental imagery relaxation
2. Relaxation response
3. Progressive muscle relaxation
4. Deep-breathing relaxation

III. Thinking Differently
1. Evaluating your own belief system
2. 12 common irrational beliefs
3. Disputing beliefs that are stressful
4. Thought control techniques
5. Psychological pollution
6. Creative imagery

IV. Work Stress
1. Stressors in a work setting
2. Identifying your work stressors
3. Progression of job burnout

V. Time Management
1. Short-term and long-term goals
2. Time management problems
3. Time management techniques
4. Overcoming procrastination
5. Delegation

VI. Type A/B Behavior Patterns
1. Characteristics of Type A & B behavior patterns
2. Type A & B research
3. Identifying your own behavior type
4. Modifying unhealthy behaviors

VII. Communication and Stress
1. Effective listening
2. Assertiveness training

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