Tobacco & Nicotine Cessation

HealthyLife® QuitWell™

The Tobacco Cessation Program That Works!

Despite the education available, tobacco use continues to be a major public health and workplace issue. The bottom line is quitting isn’t easy, and we understand that. The HealthyLife® QuitWell™ program has been helping people quit tobacco, and stay quit, for over 30 years.

A positive, proven approach to breaking the smoking/tobacco habit. HealthyLife® QuitWell™ is a highly effective, multiple-treatment program that teaches the necessary skills to achieve abstinence from smoking permanently. It’s helped over 1 million people quit. HealthyLife® QuitWell™ is different because the program never actually ends. The behavior change techniques can be employed for a lifetime and that’s why our quit rates remain high, even years down the road. HealthyLife® QuitWell™ is the absolute easiest program for you to implement, that’s because we’ve already taken care of all the details:

  1. Dedicated enrollment website & phone number
  2. Physical & digital kit options
  3. Marketing materials customized with your logo
  4. Seven scheduled calls
  5. Unlimited inbound calling
  6. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports
  7. Health Library available to participants

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