Health Portal

HealthyLife® Portal

Smarter than the average wellness portal.

Technology should simplify your life, not make it more complicated. The HealthyLife® portal makes bringing your wellness program online a breeze. We can extend as much or as little administrative functionality as you are comfortable with. Oh, and your employees, they will love it.


  • HRA
  • Biometrics
  • Health Challenges
  • Incentives
  • Health Library
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Event Calendar
  • Fitbit & Device Integration
  • Social Media

Health Challenges
Engage employees with the most entertaining wellness initiative around—themed health challenges. Create your own custom challenges or choose from over 40 of our turn-key solutions including the following topics:
• Physical Fitness
• Weight Loss
• Tobacco Cessation
• Stress Management
• Flu Prevention
• Nutrition

HRA & Biometrics
Our HRA doesn’t just give participants results, it directs them to make a change! Easily integrating with other parts of the portal OR your existing programs outside the portal, this HRA promotes ACTION and not just Education. Easily upload biometric data to integrate with the HRA and portal.
• Customize questions and the user report
• Import biometric data into HRA
• Upload previous HRA data
• Real time reporting for both user and administrator

Employees can earn points for virtually anything that can be tracked on or off the system. It’s the perfect way to get them motivated!
• Easy configuration
• Generate reports on demand
• Easy exports for fulfillment
• Built in rewards mall!

Social Media
Social media is here to stay. Why not apply the same principles working across the internet to health? Employees love communicating with one another and coordinating healthy activites.
• Health buddies
• Instant Messaging
• Built in email
• Talkboards for blogging, messages, pictures and voting
• Teams and special interest groups

Let’s be honest: health isn’t always fun. But we are on a mission to change that! Adding a “game” element to healthy behaviors is just what the doctor ordered.
• Fun trackers
• Word scrambles, virtual treasure hunts, races, health trivia
• Secret pop-ups and milestone messaging
• Virtual score with achievement levels & badges

Mobile App
Just like the portal, the coinciding mobile app is customized for your organization. Your branding, content, and programs are also available on the go!

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