Health Assessments

HealthyLife Assessment

Simple for your participants to complete, yet complex in its ability to drive behavior change, this assessment will exceed all of your expectations.

  • Unlimited customization options
  • Branching logic and weighted risk formulas
  • Drive individuals to appropriate programs based on risk stratification
  • Upload biometric data
  • Cohort support for multi-year comparisons
  • Real-time reporting for user and administrators

*Available online or paper and pencil

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Actionable HRA

This is a different approach to the traditional HRA. Each question is well thought out and tied to a specific action item. The goal is not only to assess health, but motivate change with easy action steps. It takes much less time to complete than a normal HRA, drastically increasing participation rates.

Customization options are plentiful:

  • Add logos
  • Add images
  • Add content
  • Add links to existing resources
  • Add unlimited number of questions
  • Customize Individual Report

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