American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Wise Health Consumerism
Making Medical Decisions Permafold

Topics include:

1. Describe the Problem
2. Ask for a Diagnosis
3. Find Out About Treatment
4. Ask About Benefits
5. Ask About Risks
6. Find Out Cost...

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Medications Permafold

Topics include:

1. Things to Tell Your Health Care Provider
2. Questions to Ask
3. Do's and Don'ts for Safe Use
4. Prescription (Rx) Terms
5. Medication ...

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You and Your Health Care Provider Permafold

Topics include:

1. Know Your Health Plan
2. Consider Your Needs
3. Choosing a Health Care Provider
4. See Your "Primary" Doctor Before You See a Specialist <...

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Wise Consumer Toolkit

Combine and save! Each toolkit is comprised of three products to form a powerful kit. You save up to 40% by combining products of a similar topic rather than purchasing separately....

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Healthier at Home

The Most Comprehensive Self Care Book Available

The Proven Guide to Self-Care and Being a Wise Health Consumer

Help lower health care costs with the best Sel...

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Wise Consumerism HealthShelf™

Each HealthShelf™ consists of 25 copies of 4 different AIPM best selling products – 100 products in all and the lucite display rack to hold them.

Ideal for health fairs, broc...

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Emergency Room Do's & Don'ts

2 Booklets in 1

The first half of this passport-sized booklet teaches consumers when and how to use the emergency room. Flipping it over reveals a first aid guide. <...

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101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care

Help employees save money and become wiser health care consumers. 101 tips to save hundreds of dollars a year on doctor visits, ...

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