American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Mental Health
Alcohol and Drugs Permafold

Topics Covered:

1. Alcohol & Drugs Facts
2. Wise Use of Alcohol
3. How to Avoid Problems
4. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
5. Alcohol & Drug Dependence (Addic...

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Depression Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Depression?
2. Types & Symptoms
3. Causes
4. Treatment
5. Self-Care
6. Call Health Care Provider For
7. Get Immediate...

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Success Over Stress Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Stress?
2. Good Health Habits
3. Prevent Burnout
4. Breathing Exercises
5. Relaxation Exercises
6. Biofeedback
7. Thou...

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Minding Your Mental Health

The Only Behavioral Health Self-Care Guide

Common mental health issues can be reviewed to determine the best course for treatment. Drinking, stress, depression, and ...

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Take Charge!

Handling a Crisis and Moving Forward

Provides just the right amount of information to effectively address the many concerns people have today. It helps one to be pre...

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Systematic Stress Management Self-Help Program

The Proven Way to Relax and Increase Productivity

Stop stress in its tracks. Whether you conduct a seminar, lunch and learn or multiple sessions, your participants will...

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Systematic Stress Management Workbook

Purchase the Systematic Stress Management Workbook by itself. You'll manage stress while saving money. #1565

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HealthyLife SleepWell Audio

For a Good Night's Sleep

The statistics are eye opening. Up to 70 million working Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. The cost to businesses is enormous caus...

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