American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Emergency/First Aid
Emergency Room Do's & Don'ts

2 booklets in 1

The first half of this passport size booklet teaches consumers when and how to use the emergency room. Flipping it over reveals a first aid guide coveri...

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First Aid Permafold

Topics include:

Emergency Procedures
1. Assess Needs
2. Rescue Breathing
3. CPR
4. First Aid for Choking

First Aid Conditions

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First Aid CareKit

Always Be Prepared

Accidents happen, but now you can always be prepared. Carry handy information on what to do for the most common first aid concerns. Includes adhesive ...

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First Aid Facts Picture Frame Magnet

Magnets are an excellent way to get your wellness massage to “stick.” Each Picture of Health Magnet consists of 3 magnets (2 peeloff) in 1, leaving space to frame pictures of loved one...

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Emergency Magnet

What better way to display emergency phone numbers than on a magnet that sticks right to your refrigerator? This way, your name and logo are always there for people to see. Size: 2 1/...

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