American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Alcohol and Drugs Permafold

Topics Covered:

1. Alcohol & Drugs Facts
2. Wise Use of Alcohol
3. How to Avoid Problems
4. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
5. Alcohol & Drug Dependence (Addic...

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Fitness Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Fitness?
2. Benefits of Fitness
3. Fitness Goals
4. Aerobic Exercises
5. Stretching Exercises
6. Strengthening Exercise...

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Healthy U Permafold

Topics include:

1. Prevent Tobacco Use
2. Prevent Alcohol & Other Drug Problems
3. Prevent Violence & Sexual Assault
4. Prevent Injuries & Stay Safe
5. Pre...

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Success Over Stress Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Stress?
2. Good Health Habits
3. Prevent Burnout
4. Breathing Exercises
5. Relaxation Exercises
6. Biofeedback
7. Thou...

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Tobacco Cessation Permafold

Topics include:

1. Facts About Tobacco Use
2. Tobacco User's Excuses
3. Cost of Smoking
4. Test Your Lungs
5. Nicotine Dependency Test
6. Medication...

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Weight Control Permafold Brochure

Topics include:

1. Healthy Body Weight
2. Health Risks with Excess Weight
3. Causes of Weight Gain
4. Lose We...

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Healthier at School Online

Addresses over 300 topics with 80 videos including:
• Physical Symptoms
• Mental Health Issues
• Campus Safety
• Lifestyle
• Wise Consumerism

Students ...

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Students' Self-Care Guide

Focuses on Issues Unique to Students

This guide reaches adolescents and students in the 16-24 age group. It addresses a variety of topics covering 3 important areas-...

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Achieving Mental Well-Being for Your Whole Health

The Only Behavioral Health Self-Care Guide

Mental health supports a healthy mind-body connection for a person’s whole health. Common mental health issues are present...

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Real Relaxation

This popular audio presents a series of six professionally recorded relaxation techniques. Considered by many to be the best stress management audio program ever produced....

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