American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Men's Permafold

Topics include:

1. Chest Pain
2. Hair Loss
3. Impotence
4. Jock Itch
5. Testicular Self-Exam
6. Testicular Cancer
7. Test & Exam Chart
8. Lo...

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Men's Toolkit

Combine and save! Each toolkit is comprised of three products to form a powerful kit. You save up to 40% by combining products of a similar topic rather than purchasing separately....

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Prostate Health Permafold


1. What is the prostate?
2. What does the prostate do?...

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Men's Manual

Addresses a Variety of Men's Health Issues

The HealthyLife Men's Manual is an easy-to-use guide for disease prevention and staying well. It helps men determine: 1. W...

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Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Paper Version

This Health Risk Assessment is simple for your participants to complete, but complex in its underlying branching logic. Answers to the questions create a remarkably accurate final repo...

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HealthyLife Weigh Workbook

Purchase the HealthyLife Weigh Workbook by itself. You'll lose weight, eat better, and save money. 240 pages.
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Systematic Stress Management Workbook

Purchase the Systematic Stress Management Workbook by itself. You'll manage stress while saving money. #1565

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Cardiac CareKit

Steps for Surviving a Heart Attack

Each year, approximately 800,000 Americans suffer heart attacks and about 1 in 3 do not survive.

You can help victims with this ...

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Testicular Self-Exam Shower Card

We offer totally new Testicular Self-Exam (TSE) Shower Cards that are easy to understand, which increase the likelihood of their being used. They are printed on a new type of plastic t...

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HealthyLife SleepWell Audio

For a Good Night's Sleep

The statistics are eye opening. Up to 70 million working Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. The cost to businesses is enormous caus...

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