American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Seniors' Permafold

Topics include:

1. Abdominal Pain
2. Back Pain
3. Chest Pain
4. Constipation
5. Pain Relief
6. Depression
7. Flu
8. High Blood Pressure

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Metabolic Syndrome Infofold


Topics Include:

Metabolic Syndrome:
1. What...

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Health at Home Lifetime

Our Most Complete Seniors' Guide

Medicare recipients and retirees value it. This is the most thorough seniors' self-care book available. It is printed in full color w...

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Seniors' Self-Care Guide

Our Smallest Seniors Guide

Our Seniors Self-Care Guide addresses everyday health problems as well as the prevention, detection, and treatment for many chronic condition...

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Cardiac CareKit

Steps for Surviving a Heart Attack

Each year, approximately 800,000 Americans suffer heart attacks and about 1 in 3 do not survive.

You can help victims with this ...

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HealthyLife Self-Care and You Instructional DVD

New Page 1 ...

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