American Institute for Preventive Medicine

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Topics include:

1. Colds & Flu
2. Coughs
3. Diarrhea
4. Exams & Tests
5. Headaches
6. Pain Relief
7. Heartburn
8. Low Back Pain
9. Sore ...

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Healthier at Home

The Most Comprehensive Self Care Book Available

The Proven Guide to Self-Care and Being a Wise Health Consumer

Help lower health care costs with the best Sel...

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HealthyLife Weigh Self-Help Kit

Gain Control for Good

HealthyLife Weigh uses powerful behavior modification, easy eating plans, and individually tailored exercise to guide participants to lose weight a...

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Wellness Newsletter

Provide the affordable Wellness Newsletter your employees will value.

The Informative, Affordable...

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Health at Home

Your Complete Guide to Symptoms, Solutions, & Self-Care

A slightly smaller, 2 color version of Healthier at Home®. Learn what to do for over 200 health conditions yo...

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Smokeless® Guided Self-Help

The Tobacco Cessation Program that Works!
A positive, proven approach to breaking the smoking/tobacco habit. Smokeless is a highly effective, multiple-treatment program t...

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HealthyLife Self-Care Guide

Excellence in Health Information

Addresses wise consumer issues along with the 40 most common health problems that, according to the National Center for Health Statist...

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A Year of Health Hints

365 Practical Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer

Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling book is written in an easy-to-read, tip-a-day format. It offers stay-h...

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101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care

Help employees save money and become wiser health care consumers. 101 tips to save hundreds of dollars a year on doctor visits, ...

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HealthyLife Weigh Workbook

Purchase the HealthyLife Weigh Workbook by itself. You'll lose weight, eat better, and save money. 240 pages.
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Systematic Stress Management Self-Help Program

The Proven Way to Relax and Increase Productivity

Stop stress in its tracks. Whether you conduct a seminar, lunch and learn or multiple sessions, your participants will...

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Systematic Stress Management Workbook

Purchase the Systematic Stress Management Workbook by itself. You'll manage stress while saving money. #1565

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Medication & Medical ID CareCard

Enables you to list all of the prescription and OTC medications you are taking along with important medical information. Also lists questions to ask when a prescription is being wri...

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Doctor Q&A CareCard

Patients usually have questions, but ask them less than 10% of the time. Those who write them down both give and receive better information. Get the most out of your doctor visits wit...

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HealthyLife SleepWell Audio

For a Good Night's Sleep

The statistics are eye opening. Up to 70 million working Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. The cost to businesses is enormous caus...

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HealthyLife Self-Care and You Instructional DVD

New Page 1 ...

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