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Electronic Smokeless Instructor Manual

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Electronic Smokeless Instructor Manual

The Smokeless® Instructor Manual provides a guide to become a Certified Smokeless® Instructor through the American Institute for Preventive Medicine. As a Smokeless® instructor, you will have the tools, structure, and expertise to empower individuals to make significant changes in their lives. You will guide tobacco users to quit and to feel confident remaining tobacco free for the rest of their lives!

The Smokeless® Instructor Manual includes the following elements and more:

  • Overview & history of the Smokeless® program
  • Outline of the program and class structure
  • Guidelines for motivational interviewing and leading a group class
  • Discussion guide for each Smokeless® class session
  • Frequently asked questions for each class session
  • Marketing and promoting Smokeless®
  • Information on nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes

After reviewing the materials, completion of an exam is required to be certified by AIPM as a qualified Smokeless® Instructor. Upon successfully passing this exam, you will receive a certificate affirming your qualification.

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