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Health Portal

The HealthyLife® portal goes well beyond delivering an HRA and health topics: add engaging health challenges and social networking! Employees love signing on to compete with coworkers, track activities, chat with fellow participants, and earn prizes using our robust incentive tracking system.

Administrative features are abundant as well. Built in email, calendar, and one-click comprehensive reporting are so easy, anyone can do it!

The HealthyLife® Portal is engaging
• Many built in social networking features
• Smartphone app, mapping technology, and easy tracking
• It’s fun – employees actually love it!

The HealthyLife® Portal is scalable
• Run a complete year long program from one platform, or focus on one topic
• Over 40 turnkey challenges to choose from or create one from scratch
• One fee for unlimited use making it the most cost effective solution

The HealthyLife® Portal is measurable
• Built in HRA that promotes action, not simply education
• Push button reporting, when you want it
• Complete IT implementation and support

Schedule a demo and let us show you just how easily your organization can be up and running—Literally!

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