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HealthyLife Self-Care and You Instructional DVD

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HealthyLife Self-Care and You Instructional DVD

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This instructional DVD goes with all of our family and seniors self-care guides - Healthier at Home, Health at Home, HealthyLife Self-Care Guide, Health at Home Lifetime and HealthyLife Seniors' Self-Care Guide. The DVD motivates recipients to use their guides and teaches them how to get the maximum benefit.

The DVD increases use of our guides, therefore lowering health care costs and absenteeism. In 18 independent studies, our self-care guides have demonstrated an average savings of $71.42 per person in 9 months due to reduced doctor and emergency room visits. The guides have also been instrumental in saving a number of people's lives by getting them into treatment when they would have formerly ignored their symptoms.

The full DVD is 22 minutes in length, but the menu allows a person to just view the "How to Use the Guide" section which is only 11 minutes. The DVD can be distributed with each guide, put on your website, or used at training sessions.

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