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AIPM Permafolds are Durable Plastic or Cardstock Health Brochures for the Price of Paper

What is a Permafold?
Permafolds are 12-panel health brochures printed on durable plastic or cardstock that will last a lifetime. Their high quality, user-friendly format and rich look ensures they will be kept and shared with the entire family. This gives repeated exposure for your name and logo. Fits easily into a pocket or purse and can be mailed in a business envelope.  They cover a wide range of health and wellness topics and they are perfect to hand out as part of your employee wellness program or at a health fair.

Accurate and Up-to-date
Each health brochure goes through an extensive review process conducted by the prominent physicians and health professionals and the senior medical advisory board of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine.

Appropriate Reading Level
Our health and wellness brochures are written at a simplified reading level with big typeface and color photographs. “Just the right amount” of information is presented in a bulleted, easy-to-read format. They appeal to people from diverse backgrounds.

Customization Options
Your name, logo, and other information is prominently displayed at the top. We can also develop a custom wellness brochure to meet your unique needs.

Complete Fulfillment
We are experts in direct mailings to homes. We can print cover letters and envelopes, insert, and bulk mail by zip code so you get the best postal rate.

Spanish Titles
There are presently a number of brochure titles available in Spanish with more to come.

Our health and wellness brochures can be used in a variety of ways.  Many organizations use them as part of their wellness programs or hand them out at health fairs.  They can be used for patient education and any other health education related activity.  Health and wellness brochures have been around for a while, but rarely can you get a brochure from a name you trust with the quality and design you desire. 

Disease Management Permafolds™
Headaches Permafold

Topics include:

1. Causes
2. Types
3. Prevention
4. Treatment
5. Call Provider For
6. Get Immediate Care For
7. Work with Your Provider


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Arthritis Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Arthritis?
2. Types of Arthritis
3. How Arthritis Is Diagnosed
4. Self-Care
5. Medical Care
6. Call Provider For


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Asthma Permafold

Topics include:

1. What is Asthma
2. Symptoms
3. Diagnosis
4. Causes & Risk Factors
5. Asthma Attack Triggers
6. Reasons to Call Provider
7. Reasons to...

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Back Care Permafold

Topics include:

1. Causes of Back Pain
2. Prevention
3. Back Exercises
4. Treatment for Low Back Pain
5. Call Health Care Provider



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Depression Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Depression?
2. Types & Symptoms
3. Causes
4. Treatment
5. Self-Care
6. Call Health Care Provider For
7. Get Immediate...

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Diabetes Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Diabetes?
2. Types
3. Signs & Symptoms
4. Risk Factors
5. Medical Care
6. S...

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Heart Failure Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Congestive Heart Failure?
2. Causes
3. Signs & Symptoms
4. Diagnosis
5. Prevent...

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Heart Health Permafold

Topics include:

1. Risk Factors
2. Exercise
3. Eat Right
4. Deal with Stress
5. Other Prevention Tips

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High Blood Pressure Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is High Blood Pressure (HBP)?
2. Causes & Risk Factors
3. Signs & Symptoms
4. Diagnosis
5. Health Problems Related to HBP

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Major Illness Warning Signs Permafold

Topics include:

1. Prevention Tips
2. Cancer Warning Signs
3. Diabetes Warning Signs
4. Heart Attack Warning Signs
5. Lupus Warning Signs
6. Stroke W...

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Peptic Ulcer Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is a Peptic Ulcer?
2. Causes and Risk Factors
3. Signs and Symptoms
4. Diagnosis
5. Treatment
6. Self-Care
7. Reasons to ...

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Pregnancy Permafold

Topics include:

1. Prenatal Care
2. Pregnancy Safety Tips
3. Exercise Safely
4. Eat Smart
5. Manage Common Complaints
6. Reasons to Contact Your Prov...

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Osteoporosis Permafold

1. What is Osteoporosis?
2. Signs & Symptoms

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Prostate Health Permafold


1. What is the prostate?
2. What does the prostate do?...

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Preventing Cancer Permafold

Although many people are concerned about their risk for developing cancer, the majority of cancers are preventable. Help your employees/members better understand cancer by providing thi...

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COPD Permafold


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Opioids Infofold


Topics Include:

1. What are Opioid...

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Metabolic Syndrome Infofold


Topics Include:

Metabolic Syndrome:
1. What...

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Lifestyle Medicine Infofold


Topics Include:

Lifestyle Medicine:
1. Unde...

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Hepatitis C Infofold


Topics Include:

Hepatitis C:
1. What is Hep...

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Self-Care Permafolds™
Know About Antibiotic Resistance

Topics include:

1. What are Antibiotics?
2. What do Antibiotics Treat?
3. What is Antibiotic Resistance?
4. Ways to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance
5. Tips...

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Children's Permafold

Topics include:

1. Colds & Flu
2. Coughs & Croup
3. Diarrhea
4. Health & Safety Tips
5. Vaccine Schedule
6. Earaches
7. Fever
8. Sore Throat...

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First Aid Permafold

Topics include:

Emergency Procedures
1. Assess Needs
2. Rescue Breathing
3. CPR
4. First Aid for Choking

First Aid Conditions

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Healthy U Permafold

Topics include:

1. Prevent Tobacco Use
2. Prevent Alcohol & Other Drug Problems
3. Prevent Violence & Sexual Assault
4. Prevent Injuries & Stay Safe
5. Pre...

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Making Medical Decisions Permafold

Topics include:

1. Describe the Problem
2. Ask for a Diagnosis
3. Find Out About Treatment
4. Ask About Benefits
5. Ask About Risks
6. Find Out Cost...

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Men's Permafold

Topics include:

1. Chest Pain
2. Hair Loss
3. Impotence
4. Jock Itch
5. Testicular Self-Exam
6. Testicular Cancer
7. Test & Exam Chart
8. Lo...

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My Care Permafold

Topics include:

1. Colds & Flu
2. Coughs
3. Diarrhea
4. Exams & Tests
5. Headaches
6. Pain Relief
7. Heartburn
8. Low Back Pain
9. Sore ...

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Seniors' Permafold

Topics include:

1. Abdominal Pain
2. Back Pain
3. Chest Pain
4. Constipation
5. Pain Relief
6. Depression
7. Flu
8. High Blood Pressure

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Women's Health Permafold

Topics include:

1. Breast Lumps & Cancer
2. Menopause
3. Menstrual Cramps
4. Breast Self-Exam
5. Osteoporosis
6. Premenstrual Syndrome
7. Urinar...

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You and Your Health Care Provider Permafold

Topics include:

1. Know Your Health Plan
2. Consider Your Needs
3. Choosing a Health Care Provider
4. See Your "Primary" Doctor Before You See a Specialist <...

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Cold and Flu Permafold


Topics Include:

Common Cold:
1. Preventing<...

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Stopping Health Care Fraud Permafold

Topics Include:

1. What is Health Care Fraud?
2. The Cost of Health C...

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Wellness Permafolds™
Alcohol and Drugs Permafold

Topics Covered:

1. Alcohol & Drugs Facts
2. Wise Use of Alcohol
3. How to Avoid Problems
4. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
5. Alcohol & Drug Dependence (Addic...

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Cholesterol Permafold

Topics Covered:

Cholesterol Facts
1. What Is Cholesterol?
2. Blood Cholesterol

Control Blood Cholesterol
3. Lose Weight, If Needed

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Fitness Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Fitness?
2. Benefits of Fitness
3. Fitness Goals
4. Aerobic Exercises
5. Stretching Exercises
6. Strengthening Exercise...

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Healthy Eating Permafold

Topics include:

1. Follow the Dietary Guidelines for American
2. Use "My Pyramid - Steps to a Healthier You"
3. Read Food Labels
4. Healthy Eating Tips

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Medications Permafold

Topics include:

1. Things to Tell Your Health Care Provider
2. Questions to Ask
3. Do's and Don'ts for Safe Use
4. Prescription (Rx) Terms
5. Medication ...

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Safety at Work Permafold

Topics include:

1. Injury Prevention
2. Ergonomics & Musculoskeletal Disorders
3. Back Pain
4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
5. Tendinitis
6. Workstation Ex...

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Success Over Stress Permafold

Topics include:

1. What Is Stress?
2. Good Health Habits
3. Prevent Burnout
4. Breathing Exercises
5. Relaxation Exercises
6. Biofeedback
7. Thou...

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Tobacco Cessation Permafold

Topics include:

1. Facts About Tobacco Use
2. Tobacco User's Excuses
3. Cost of Smoking
4. Test Your Lungs
5. Nicotine Dependency Test
6. Medication...

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Weight Control Permafold Brochure

Topics include:

1. Healthy Body Weight
2. Health Risks with Excess Weight
3. Causes of Weight Gain
4. Lose We...

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Dental Permafold

Topics include:

Dental Care
1. Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums
2. Diet & Dental Health
3. Dental Checkups

Dental Health Problems
4. B...

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Stages of Change Permafold

Topics Include:

1. Not Yet Ready to Make a Change
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Childhood Obesity Permafold

Topics Include:

1. When is a child obese or overweight?
2. Childhood ...

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