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HealthTrackers are passport size booklets housed in an attractive vinyl sleeve. They contain valuable information and, depending upon the title, provide places to record important health statistics.
WalkWell Walking Tracker

Employees can begin and maintain a walking program for good health. Provides an easy way to track walking steps or distance, health goals, and weight for 52 weeks. 48 pages. 3 3/4" x 6 ...

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Eating and Exercise Tracker

Use this to list and learn how much you eat and exercise, daily, for 7 weeks. Practicing portion control and being more active can make it easier to achieve weight loss goals and impro...

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Your Passport to Good Health

These pocket-sized booklets provide a convenient way for employees/members/retirees to evaluate and keep track of vital areas of health. 48 p...

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Being a Wise Health Care Consumer

This booklet takes the mystery out of communicating with providers and clearly describes hospital stays, patients' rights, tests, medications, advance directives, medical procedures and...

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Emergency Room Do's & Don'ts

2 booklets in 1

The first half of this passport size booklet teaches consumers when and how to use the emergency room. Flipping it over reveals a first aid guide coveri...

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101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care

Helps employees become wiser consumers and decrease their financial burden. The passport size booklet presents 101 tips that can...

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