• How to Use

    All resources can be shared with employees/members to promote and support the monthly theme, suggestions include:

    • Print and post in break rooms, message boards, and offices.
    • Post electronically on your Intranet.
    • Distribute during department meetings.
    • Show on your CCTV or other medium.
    • Include in new employee orientation packages.

    Monthly resources:

    • Health Observances Calendar
    • HealthyLife® Newsletter
    • HealthyLife® Handouts
    • Wellness Activities
    • Well-Being Slides (PPT & jpg files)
    • Wellness Activity Posters
    • Fuel Up with Fruit
    • Ask the Health Coach
    • Health Video

    Suggested Time Table:

    Read 2 weeks before month

    Distribute 1st day of month

    Distribute 1 per week

    Distribute 1st week

    Distribute 2nd week

    Distribute 1 per week

    Distribute 2nd week

    Distribute 3rd week

    Distribute 4th week