Lean on Friends for Weight Loss Support

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Find a friend or a room full of others on similar paths.


Getting support as you change lifestyle habits is important. It could be from a buddy who will listen to your woes, applaud your successes, and help you stay on track. Or you could find the support you need in a group program where others’ successes inspire and motivate you.

Friends don’t let friends eat junk.

It’s okay to be choosy. While your best friend might be great for laughs, if she’s a junk food junkie without weight issues, her own eating habits could rub off on you. Spend more time with a friend who is on a similar weight loss path or supports your efforts. If you don’t know anyone, find an online buddy in a weight-loss chat room or join a local weight loss support group.

Use common sense for fee-based programs.

Find out what you are paying for. One-on-one counseling? Group sessions? Medication? Pre-packaged foods and/or supplements that promise to speed up metabolism. Make sure the program you choose fits in with your budget, your lifestyle, and your personal goals.

Questions to ask:

•  Is a medical doctor on staff? Does the program have certified professionals, such as registered dietitians and exercise physiologists?

•  Do I have one-on-one counseling?

•  Do I attend group meetings?

•  Will I have to buy special foods and/or supplements?

•  Is there a start-up fee and/or membership fees?

•  What is the average cost per month?

•  How will I get help to make healthy behavior changes?

•  How much weight does the average member lose and how long does he or she keep the weight off?

Action Step

Don’t keep your weight loss goals a secret. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Sharing will give you that push to stay on track and provide some much needed encouragement when you feel like quitting.

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