Footwear and Foot Care for Travelers

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Hours of shopping and sightseeing can leave your feet tired, aching, and sore. Here’s what to do to save yourself the agony of sore feet, blisters, and other foot problems.


To prepare your feet for the rigors of travel, do each of these exercises several times a day.

•  Take off your shoes and socks, and pick up a pencil with your toes as you sit.

•  Rotate your feet in a circular motion in one direction, then in the other.

•  Point your toes to the ceiling, then to the floor.

•  Stand, and roll up on your toes and hold for a count of 25.

•  If you have foot problems and plan to travel, see your podiatrist. He or she may be able to remove corns, for example, or take care of other problems that might cause discomfort if you’re going to be on your feet a lot.

•  Pack comfortable shoes that you’ve already worn several times. Walking or jogging shoes are best. Avoid high heels, dress oxfords, or other fashion footwear that don’t adequately support your feet.

•  Take along two pairs of walking shoes, and alternate footwear every other day.

•  Wear cotton socks, not nylon. (And don’t go sockless.)

•  If your ankles and feet tend to swell, wear support stockings. Support hose are available for both men and women.

If these suggestions fail to prevent achy feet or blisters, try these remedies.

•  Soak your feet in a tub of cool water to which you’ve added one cup of Epsom salts for every gallon of water.

•  Wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day. Then apply a powder to help absorb perspiration.

•  Gently massage your feet with a moisturizing lotion. Begin at your toes and work up to your ankles. Massaging the feet can also help to relieve foot cramps.

•  Don’t pop blisters. Instead, cushion them with a corn pad or bunion pad.

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