Diet changes: simple and doable

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If you try a complete diet overhaul at once, you may get overwhelmed. You can make it easier by not doing too much at once. Focus on one or two things you want to change and stick with those.


Keep comfort foods, but tweak them

Many people think they must give up all their favorite foods to be healthy. But if you have comfort foods you enjoy, this can cause even more stress. Here’s how to keep them while eating healthy:

•  Eat them less often. Aim to eat your comfort food once a week, rather than every day. Come up with healthier options to replace the comfort food.

•  Take a smaller portion. Put a smaller portion on your plate and eat it slowly. Enjoy the smell and taste of each bite, truly savoring it.

•  Modify the recipe. Switch out high fat and high calorie ingredients in your recipes. Use low-fat or fat-free dairy products instead of whole milk and cream. Use vegetable noodles instead of white pasta. All those little changes add up.


Keep it simple

If you’re already under stress, following an extreme diet plan could backfire. It could cause more stress, which could lead to frustration and more stress.


Instead, celebrate one or two small victories each day. Write down when you snacked on fresh carrots instead of potato chips. Or you had a glass of water instead of soda. Whatever you did to make your diet a little bit better is a step in the right direction.


Looking at the positive things you have accomplished may be the boost you need during times of stress. When you have slip-ups or bad days, don’t view it as a “failure.” It doesn’t mean all your healthy eating plans are over. Instead, forgive the mistake and look forward to a better and healthier day tomorrow.


Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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