Women traveling alone: Safety tips

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Perhaps more than ever, women are willing to ditch their traveling companions and go solo when it comes time to hit the road and see the world. Many travel for business.


Still, despite the trend, many women may worry that traveling alone can carry too many risks, making them a target for thieves, kidnappers,

and other criminals.


Barbara Foster, a veteran globetrotter and author of the book The Confessions of a Librarian: A Memoir of Loves, advises, “Sure, there are risky places and bad types out there. But with the right precautions, women can travel solo with confidence, visiting the places and meeting the people they always dreamed of and returning home with wonderful stories and memories.”

•  Steer clear of the most dangerous locales. Simply put, some places just aren’t worth the risk. Avoid “no go” neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

•  Connect with friendly contacts. Make yourself known not only to the US embassy or consul, but also to people in your field, Foster said. During her travels, Foster wrote articles about libraries she visited. Her fellow librarians were a  protective group.

•  Learn the language or at least useful phrases. Even if it’s just a few key words, speaking the language can come in handy if you need to seek help. Knowing what others are saying can also alert you to potential dangers.

•  Dress wisely, pay attention to manners, and spend money in moderation. Don’t draw needless attention to yourself. For added protection against thieves, Foster suggests carrying money and ID in a pouch under your shirt.

•  Travel in the US. You will miss many of the world’s must-see places, but if the thought of traveling abroad holds too much stress for you, it might be better to stick closer to home.

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