Safer winter driving for under $30

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Rain, fog, snow, ice, and sleet—all the challenges of winter driving. You can’t control the weather, but you can take care to be prepared (and spend less than $30 to be safer), say auto claims experts from MetLife.

•  Cold weather can cut the life of a car battery in half. Buy a battery tester for less than $1, and check the health of your battery to make sure you won’t be left stranded out in the cold.

•  Check to see if your antifreeze is at the recommended 50/50 ratio of antifreeze to water to protect your car’s cooling system from freezing. Buy an antifreeze tester for less than $2.

•  Properly inflated tires guarantee the best possible contact with the road, giving you more control. Check your air pressure to make sure it matches your tire guidelines. Air pressure drops as the temperature drops.

•  If your windshield wipers leave a streak across the windshield, it’s time to invest in winterized wiper-blade refills (around $7).

•  Top off the windshield wiper fluid and always carry an extra gallon ($2).

•  Buy an ice scraper and de-icer for about $2 to break up any ice that might be blocking your vision or clogging your locks.

•  If your car is stuck in snow or ice, have a folding snow shovel (about $7) and a bag of cat litter (around $2) handy to dig yourself out and provide traction for your tires on the slippery surface.

•  Keep free stuff from your home in your car: old blankets, hats, gloves.

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