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Tingling, numbness and pain in your fingers and wrists? Is it just tired hands or something more severe? While, these can all be signs of tired, overused hands, these symptoms can also indicate something serious, such as a repetitive stress injury, tendonitis, aggravation of arthritis or sprains, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.


With over 152.7 billion text messages sent per month in the U.S. alone, according to CTIA-The Wireless Association, it is becoming clear that our society is shifting its primary method of communication from our mouths and voices to our hands and fingers. With this shift, there has also been an increase in the number of injuries related to these repetitive motions.


“It is important that patients don’t dismiss symptoms of sore fingers, occasional numbness and tingling,” says George Kardashian, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and hand specialist at The Center for Bone and Joint Disease. “These symptoms are all the body’s way of saying it needs a break or a more serious injury will occur.”


Since it is almost impossible to stop using mobile devices or computers completely, it is important to know how to prevent these symptoms from turning from sore, tired fingers into something more severe.

•  Take frequent breaks from typing and texting.

•  Stretch your hands and fingers.

•  Use ice packs to reduce swelling.

•  See your doctor if you have continuing symptoms.

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