Exercise on a budget

Don’t let gym memberships, personal training fees, or the cost of the latest exercise gadget weigh you down. Exercise is about moving, stretching, lifting, bending, breathing – things you can easily do at home. Or simply walk – around the block, at a mall, or on a local school’s track.


Get started

Start with a few simple stretches to warm up your muscles. If you need help, go online for how-to instructions on everything from stretching to full routines. You can also find exercise tools to track your progress.


No equipment necessary

Do what you were taught in gym class – squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches. Lift your legs and arms, touch your toes, bend from side to side, jog in place, and twist. Just make sure you target all your major muscle groups at least once every week.


No free weights? Try these substitutes

•  Use cans instead of dumbbells to exercise biceps and triceps.

•  A gallon jug filled with water, sand, or powdered detergent is just as effective as a kettle bell for squats and arm lifts.

•  Put a paper plate under one foot and lunge forward. You can also attach plates to both feet with rubber bands to simulate skating. Or, get down on all fours, put the plates under your hands and slide them back and forth for a great chest workout.

•  Pantyhose stretch just as well as resistance bands for rowing and stretching routines.

•  A low, sturdy stool or a bottom stair can be used for a step exercise routine.

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