Avoiding distractions at work

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We all have days that are more productive than others. But you can be your best each day if you learn how to avoid the biggest distractions at your workplace.


Put the phone away

Is your phone frequently dinging with texts or people calling you “just to chat?” Do you find yourself checking social media or playing with apps when you should be working?


Smart phones are a major cause of work-related distractions. Some employers have policies that prohibit cell phone use on the job. If that’s the case, you’ll need to follow those rules. But if your employer allows cell phones, turn off notifications and put the phone in a place that’s harder to reach. Some phones have an option that filters all calls except those from important or emergency numbers. This is a great way to allow people to reach you when it’s necessary, but to avoid non-essential calls and notifications.


Use white noise

If other people’s conversations or office noises are bothering you, consider ways you can soften or filter some of the sound. A white noise machine, fan or even headphones that play white noise or quiet non-distracting music may be helpful.


Ways to get your focus back

Everyone needs a mental break once in a while. Instead of checking your phone or social media, try these healthy tips that can energize you and help you get back to your work:

•  Take a short walk around the building.

•  Eat a healthy snack, such as fruits, vegetables, or lean protein.

•  Drink a glass of water. Add a lemon or cucumber slice for more flavor.

•  Get up from your chair and stretch for 3 minutes.

•  Clean or organize your workspace. Clutter in your space can make your brain feel cluttered, too.

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