Agility means mobility

Want to be able to move around well as you age? Finding it more difficult to get down on your knees (and get up)? Interested in keeping your joints strong and flexible to meet the demands of daily life?


Join the club. Without our ability to get around, all kinds of health problems set in, according to the CDC. challenges not just seniors but everyone else to work out to improve mobility with these 3 functional fitness workouts:

•  Use sandbells to minimize strain. While exercise equipment such as dumbbells strengthen arms, many weights can place too much strain on the hands. A sandbell—a weighted, contoured fabric bag filled with sand—is an easier alternative for older adults and others who have trouble gripping items, because they offer customizable weight and grip for strength exercises, while minimizing stress and strain on hands.

•  Use interval training for quick bursts of energy. Children tend to have short bursts of energy followed by periods of rest before they start again. Keep up with the kids with interval training. Walk on a treadmill at a normal speed for 5 minutes, then increase to a more challenging pace for 1 minute and repeat.

•  Use an exercise ball for better balance. Good balance is vital for safe walking, stair climbing, and avoiding falls. Use an exercise ball in place of a chair during traditional workouts, such as lifting weights, to help improve balance. The instability of the ball forces all the body’s muscles to work together to support stability and steady balance.

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