Age Spots


Age spots are skin blemishes that come with aging. All age spots are generally harmless. They are more a cosmetic issue than a medical one. It is important, though, to distinguish them from skin cancer.

Skin Cancer

Signs & Symptoms

•  Small or large, flat, freckle-like marks that are different shades of brown (liver spots). These most often appear on the arms, backs of hands, back, face, or shoulders.

•  Brown or yellow slightly raised spots (seborrheic warts)

•  Red, pinpoint blemishes (cherry angiomas)


Aging skin is thinner and more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Small, dark patches appear in response.


In general, age spots do not need medical treatment. A doctor can freeze an age spot with liquid nitrogen or remove it in a minor surgical procedure, if skin cancer is suspected.


Reduce exposure to the sun. When you are outdoors, use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.


To Help Make Age Spots Less Noticeable:

•  Avoid sun exposure.

•  Try a bleaching cream.

•  Apply lemon juice twice a day to age spots.

•  Dab buttermilk on spots and lightly pat dry.

•  Use fresh aloe gel on spots. Do this twice a day for a month.

•  Use a mild, moisturizing make-up.

When to Seek Medical Care

Contact Doctor When:

•  You suspect the spots are skin cancer.

•  An age spot bleeds, itches, or tingles.

•  You have bothersome age spots that resist fading after using self-care.

•  You want advice on removing age spots; on creams with the medicine Retin-A; or on chemical peels.

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