Health & Safety Guidelines

This section gives information you can use every day to help keep you healthy and safe. Guidelines given can help you prevent health problems, too.

Make health and wellness a priority in your life.

  1. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

  2. Don’t smoke. If you smoke, quit. (See Be-Tobacco Free.)

  3. Balance work and play. (See Managing Stress.)

  4. Eat healthy foods. (See Control Your Weight.)

  5. Maintain a healthy weight.

  6. Get regular exercise.

  7. Have regular screening tests and exams. (See Health Tests & When to Have Them.)

  8. Wash your hands often to lessen the chance of picking up cold and flu viruses and other germs.

  9. Protect yourself from injuries. (See Workplace Health & Safety.)

  10. Keep informed of health updates. Listen to the news. Read the newspaper. Access the Web sites in this book. Beware of sites that promote health fraud and quackery. Access for information.

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Health & Safety
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