Medical Care
Helps with choosing the right health insurance, health tests, immunizations, and much more.ChooseHealthInsurance.html
How to use medications safely, home medical tests and cleaning out the medicine cabinet.SafeUseMedications.html
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Learn what is alternative medicine and the different types.CompAlternativeMed.html
Medical Decisions
Aids you to gather facts, key questions to ask your doctor, and informs you of your rights as a patient.GatherFacts.html

Wise Health Care Choices

You are at a time in your life when you need to make a lot of decisions: Decisions on career choices, future plans and goals, etc. You need to make decisions to take care of your health, too. Knowing what to do can be confusing. You may not have had many health problems in the past, and when you did, your parents probably took care of you. You need to fend for yourself, now. You should also know that, starting at age 18, you are protected by privacy laws. A doctor or health care provider cannot share health information with your parent or legal guardian unless you consent.

There is a lot to know about taking care of your health. This section will help you make wise choices, such as:  How to choose and use health insurance; how to get medical care; how to talk with a doctor or health care provider; what tests, exams, and immunizations to have; how to use medications safely, and how to make medical decisions. These and other topics can help you take charge of your health.