Save if You Have No Insurance

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Look into getting some.


Insurance costs money, but having none may end up costing you more. Medical costs from a chronic illness, surgery, etc. could erase any savings you have and may cause you to file for bankruptcy. Discuss your health needs and ability to pay for premiums with an insurance broker. Find out about health insurance in your state from

You may need short-term coverage.

If you are between jobs, a recent college graduate, etc., contact an insurance broker about short-term health insurance. This has a low monthly cost and high coverage limits for most (especially healthy) people. Read about COBRA in tip number 60, too.

Look into group coverage.

Find out if you can get health insurance from groups you belong to, such as AARP. Your costs are likely to be cheaper than if you buy an individual policy. If you are a veteran or a dependent of a veteran, find out if you are eligible for health care from or from 800.827.1000.

Look into an HSA.

This is a Health Savings Account. It is also called a Medical Savings Account (MSA). It is like an IRA, but is used for medical costs. Instead of paying the costs for a fee-for-service health plan, you pay the cost for two things. One is a high deductible policy. The other is a tax-deductible savings account. You take money out of the savings account for medical costs when they are needed. Money not used from the savings account grows interest on a tax-sheltered basis and can be used to add funds to your retirement. Find out more about HSAs from and An MSA is a kind of Consumer Driven Health Plan.

Know about “Insure Kids Now!”

Infants, children, and teens may be able to get free or low-cost health insurance from your state. Find out from  877.KIDS NOW (543.7669) or

Honesty is the best policy.

If you give false information on insurance forms, your coverage could be cancelled. Before you sign the dotted line, read the fine print. Find out if any conditions would limit or cancel your coverage.

Know about clinical trials.

You may be able to get expert medical care if you take part in a clinical trial. Find out what clinical trials are and which ones you could qualify for from Find out about studies on mental health and disorders from trials/index.shtml.

If you are on a very limited income, find out if you qualify for Medicaid.

Contact Medicaid is a state sponsored health care program.

If you cannot pay for health care.

Contact the Bureau of Primary Health Care. Use the Web site to find a clinic in your area that will give you medical care at a reduced cost or for free. Search the Internet, too, for “National Free Clinic Directory.” Also, contact a social worker at your local hospital or community health agency to recommend resources that can help with medical problems.

Opt for medical coverage with your auto insurance plan.

This can cover expenses for medical services if you and passengers are injured in an accident.

Find out about free and low-cost cancer screening.

•  The American Cancer Society at 800.227.2345 or

•  The National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program at

Find out if you have a health credit report.

Before you buy a health insurance plan, contact the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). The MIB keeps track of medical information on persons who have applied for individual disability, health or life insurance in the past seven years. You can get a copy of your record from or by calling 866.692.6901.

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