Why you shouldn’t eat at your desk

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It seems like a convenient way to get through your day. Rather than take a break to eat lunch, you grab a bite and eat while you’re at your desk. But, this may be leading the way to unhealthy habits.


Here’s why you should escape your workspace for your meals:

•  You need a mental break. Getting up and eating away from your desk can help you clear your mind and boost mental energy.

•  Moving more is better. A 5-10 minute walk is better than no walk at all. Being active and sitting less will improve your health.

•  You may eat more mindfully. If you munch on food while working or watching a screen, you may eat more than you need to. Instead, sit down away from a screen and focus on your food. This can help you pay attention to your feelings of hunger and fullness.

•  You could be missing out on fun. Bonding with others at your workplace can be fun and enjoyable. You may even look forward to social lunch breaks, which could increase your happiness at work.


Healthy lunch, healthy wallet

Packing a healthy lunch can be good for your health. It can help you steer clear of the vending machine or other unhealthy options. Plus, bringing your own lunch may be healthy for your wallet. The average American spends $53 a week on lunch and coffee expenses during the workday. That adds up to more than $2,700 a year.

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