Listening: A skill well worth mastering

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You’ve heard the saying, “You’re born with two ears, but only one mouth.” According to the Society for Human Resource Management, being a good listener has many advantages at work and at home. You can come up with better ideas, work with others more easily, and connect with people more deeply.


So how is it done? Try these tips:

•  Don’t interrupt.

•  Don’t offer a solution or advice unless the person asks for it.

•  Don’t think about your response while the other person is still talking. Hear them all the way through.

•  When the other person is finished, repeat what they said in your own words. “So what I hear you saying is…”

•  Don’t make it about you. Remember the other person wants to tell you their story first. Stop yourself from turning it into a discussion about yourself or your problem.


Having this valuable skill can enhance all the professional and personal relationships in your life.

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