Alcohol – know your limits

Drinking too much, even just one time, can harm your health. Take a look at what too much alcohol can do to the body.


Brain: Alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication signals. This causes problems with thinking clearly and making decisions. It can also affect mood and behavior. These effects can be long-term.


Heart: Alcohol can cause an irregular heartbeat and can interfere with the heart’s ability to pump blood. Too much alcohol may increase the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.


Liver: Drinking too much can permanently damage the liver. In some cases, heavy drinking can lead to liver failure, liver cancer, and death.


A moderate amount of alcohol may be safe for most people who don’t have health problems. For people who drink alcohol, a moderate amount is:

•  Women: No more than 1 drink per day

•  Men: No more than 2 drinks per day


Drunk driving

Driving after you’ve had too much alcohol can be deadly for you and others. Just two alcoholic drinks can affect your ability to drive. One person in the U.S. dies every 53 minutes due to an alcohol-related car crash. Help prevent these tragedies by:

•  Choosing a designated driver

•  Calling a cab when you’ve had too much alcohol

•  Not letting friends drink and drive

•  Offering non-alcoholic drinks at parties and reminding guests not to drink and drive


Behavior Problems

Drinking too much can lead to violence, risky behavior, and even suicide or homicide.


Sources: National Institutes of Health, American Liver Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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