Self-Care Medicines & Supplies for Children

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Here is a list of medicines and other things you should keep at home.


•  Store items in a handy, dry place, but out of children’s reach.

•  Check the expiration dates often. Throw away and replace outdated items.

•  Find out what kind and how much of each medicine you can give your child. Ask your child’s doctor. Ask the pharmacist. Read and understand the medicine’s label. Brand names are often listed. Store brands are just as good.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

•  Acetaminophen. An example is Children’s Tylenol®. Or have ibuprofen. Examples are Children’s Advil® and Children’s Motrin®. Stock the right kind for your child’s weight.

•  Antihistamine tablets or syrup. An example is Benadryl®.

•  Cough medicine. Ask your child’s doctor which one(s) you should stock.

•  Decongestant tablets or liquid. Do not give to children under 2 years old. An example is Dimetapp®.

Basic Supplies

•  Antibiotic ointment.

•  Antiseptic ointment or wipes.

•  Bandages of different sizes.

•  Eye dropper.

•  Medicine spoon & dropper.

•  Cold pack.

•  Cotton-tipped swabs.

•  Elastic wrap and closures.

•  Flashlight.

•  Roll of adhesive tape.

•  Rubbing alcohol.

•  Sterile gauze pads and a roll of gauze.

•  Sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

•  Thermometer (digital or ear).

•  Tongue depressor.

•  Toothache medicine. An example is Anbesol®.

•  Tweezers.

•  Vaporizer (cool mist).

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